It is surprising how knowing the simple secrets can help you make it or break it in app world.
5 Best Ebook Readers for Linux – Linux Hint



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How the Book is Organized


Every successful Million Download App starts with the conception of an idea. Ideas have their roots in human needs for solving problems, entertainment, and sometimes satisfying the desire to maintain social connections. The book explores all the aspects of your background as a person and as a developer so that you can find that amazing idea to build a million download app.


Having an idea is only the beginning of a journey. In reality, an idea needs to be presented to the users through building an app as accurately as possible. From app design to app development, there are various strategical tactics that you can implement to make your user love the app. The book mentions every one of those tactics that must be kept in mind while developing the app.


Monetization is either what motivates individual developers to build the app or something that comes as a side effect of having put in the hard work. It is relatively easy to monetize the app using simple methods like advertisements. But it requires a significant understanding of monetization strategies to generate as much revenue as possible without destroying the user experience. The book presents various monetization techniques based on the type of your app and helps you earn the most money with your app.


App marketing ultimately determines whether your app gets millions of downloads or not. While publishing an app usually takes the most amount of time, it is app marketing where most of the work lies that can boost your app downloads. The book explains, in detail, all possible app marketing techniques that work flawlessly and are free to implement for you. You will also learn about App Store Optimization, keyword research, and various methods of offline app marketing.
Order book from amazon


Ravi has developed mobile and desktop applications with millions of downloads. He is an expert software engineer with a profound understanding of app design and marketing. He has an MSc degree in computer science and has also developed large-scale distributed systems.

Before discovering his passion for app development and publishing, he worked in mobile software research and contributed to multiple research projects. He is also a highly credible mentor in a berlin-based community of professionals where he guides career building and launching of app-based startups.

Ravi enjoys reading about psychology, participating in local innovation events, and contributing to open-source projects in his free time.

5 Best Ebook Readers for Linux – Linux Hint

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