Jaunty Marble - Ball Jumper Physics Game

Action Adventure
Jump and slide over slopes and moving platforms, dodge the fireballs and evil spikes!! Not enough? There is much more in Ball Jumper Physics Game.
This is a side scrolling platform arcade game where you play as a ball and collect stars to win. Along the path solve the puzzles and explore interesting physics tricks.
Kick the paint buckets and line up the wood boxes to cross over.
An Adventures Game
Ball Jumper Physics Game, is a 2D side scroller game, in which you control a glass ball.
Unlike other usual platformer games, Ball Jumper Physics Game is based on physics based mechanics which makes it very challenging and exciting to play.
The snowy and ice-cold level brings back the memories of classics like the ice climbers.
The challenge is to become good at controlling the physics of game object to roll over and hyper jump.
Game Features
Platforming Actions: Jumping over the slides and slopes collect stars to cross the level and Balance Jumping, Rolling
Three Quality Levels including Indoor, Wild night with Fireballs and Snow with Diamonds.
Catchy Sound tracks and Graphics Effects
English Language Support