Drive - Traffic Signs and Car Controls
Are you excited to soon drive a car and looking for an app to prepare for driving test? Then "Drive" will give you a head start.
"Drive" provides you vocabulary of all relevant words which you would need to succeed in your German driving license theory and practical exams.
This app also provides you the information about Traffic signs and helps you understand what they mean and what you are supposed to do when you encounter one.
Also, with this App you get to learn and understand cockpit controls and what they mean, even before you sit in the driving seat for the first time.
"Drive" helps you learn traffic signs German if you live in Germany, Austria, Belgium or any other German speaking country.
German Vocabulary
"Drive" provides you over 400+ words which you would definitely need to succeed in your driving license exam. You can learn these words with help of beautiful FlashCards, where you also have a picture to help you understand what the word means.
You can choose to test your learning and challenge yourself by taking the quiz. Quiz helps you remember the words better and lets you repeat the words which you got wrong. Happy quizzing :)
If you are bored, you just switch on the random Vocabulary mode and learn the German vocabulary in random order..
Once you have learnt the words, you can always repeat the flash cards in order not to forget them.
Traffic Signs
"Drive" provides a list of over 260 traffic signs with their explanations. Traffic signs can be remembered easily by playing the traffic sign quiz. You can search traffic signs by name and have a quick look on any traffic sign card.
The traffic signs can be also filtered by category or colors. You can select a category such as "Danger Traffic Signs" and you would see only the danger related traffic signs. This gives you an easy way to access the traffic sign card that you need. Also, the traffic signs can be filtered based on color such as Red, Blue, Yellow or Mixed. If you choose Red, you would see all the prohibition traffic signs whereas Blue shows you only the recommendations traffic signs.
You can also lookup the traffic signs in the quiz view where you can learn them by playing the traffic sign quiz. You would see a traffic sign where you are give 4 options to identify the traffic sign. You click the correct answer and you get the next traffic quiz card.
Cockpit Controls
"Drive" helps you learn and understand over 100+ cockpit controls which you would definitely need to know, when you want to drive a car. Cockpit controls can be arranged by category or by colors.