Flitm - be curious

Flitm: be curious - A coding app where you can learn any programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, and Python and build your professional software right from your mobile phone. Flitm is the only app that provides a fully featured programming environment without requiring a laptop or desktop computer for coding. You can start learning to code right from your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.
- Courses designed by experts and professionals
- A proven scientific way to learn coding by engagement
- Freedom to code right from your mobile device
- The fastest way to learn to code and get certified
Learn to code - anytime, anywhere
If you don’t have a laptop or don’t have time to start learning to code, then Flim is what you need. With Flitm you can start learning any programming language from beginner to advanced and build functional projects and games.
Write real code, right from your mobile
Flitm not only provides you with course content created by experts but also provides an In-App Code Editor that helps you try out new coding ideas or build projects.
Job-oriented programming courses
If you are trying to learn programming because you want to change your career or get a better job, Flitm has courses exactly for that purpose. With Flitm you can practice technical coding questions, learn data structures and algorithms, learn clean code concepts, and also competitive programming.
Earn a trusted and verifiable certification
Learning coding skills is not enough unless you have a trusted certificate to show in your new job. Flitm provides you with an authentic certificate that comes with a verifiable reference code that you can be proud of.
Interactive and bite-sized courses
Learning to code can be difficult if it is too much content to learn. This is why Flitm strategically provides you with courses that are easy and fun to learn and finish before you lose your motivation.
Build your dream carrier
The world runs on Code! No matter which career you are in, learning to code can do miracles in your career. Start learning today and change your life and career.