Harmonium - Real Sounds

Harmonium is the most important instrument for learners of Indian Classical Music.If you are a vocalist learning Ragas and Alankars or a harmonium enthusiast practicing your harmonium skills then you MUST have this app.
Anybody who is interested in playing Harmonium and looking for a Harmonium app which provides real harmonium sounds and all octaves then this app is definitely for you as It provides you the experience of a Real Harmonium with authentic sounds.
This app helps you practice anywhere and anytime while you are practicing singing Ragas or Alankaras or you are just with your friends having fun where you can always give your fingers a go and show your talent.
As harmonium is widely used in Indian classical music, learning to play Harmonium will certainly help you understand the basics of music theory and further enhance your knowledge of Indian Classical Music. As Harmonium is used in Hindustani music and Carnatic music often, It also helps you tune your ears for Swaras and Shruties as the app has sounds recorded from a real harmonium.
You can download Raga Melody - Indian Classical Music for learning Alankars, Ragas and to understand various techniques to improve your singing. Raga Melody also provides you all the necessary video Tutorials for learning Harmonium.
Slide Your Fingers
To play different keys, you can just slide your fingers from one key to another and the app plays the next key on the keyboard.
Customize for Your Device
This app is made to fit your device, no matter if you have a large Tablet or a small screen mobile phone. This harmonium is made to fit all screen sizes.
Multiple Key Press Supported
Harmonium -Real Sounds helps you play any combinations of keys as you just need to press all the keys together. Is it not amazing?
Graphics Effects
While you play Harmonium and enjoy the Music, a little bit of Eye-Candy is always a good idea. Enjoy the Glitters ;)
Personalize Your Settings
Once you set Harmonium to fit your preferred zoom level and Octave, the App remembers it so you do not have to configure it every time.
Learning Resources
If you are beginner and looking for some lessons, you can just play the Video Lessons or Download the Raga Melody - Indian Classical Music app to read.