Piano - Real Sounds Keyboard

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. - Plato
Piano is the most important instrument for learners of modern music
If you are looking for a Piano app which provides high touch sensitivity for fast playback or if you are a piano enthusiast, pianist, keyboardist, musician, performer, artist or a beginner practicing your piano skills then you MUST have this app.
The app provides the following content:
Anybody who is interested in playing piano that provides real piano sounds and all 7 octaves with 88 keys then this app is definitely for you as It provides you the experience of a Real Grand Piano with authentic sounds.
This app helps you practice anywhere and anytime while you are practicing your piano skills or trying to increase the speed of your fingers to impress your friends or just want to give your fingers a go and show your talent.
As Piano is one of the most melodious music instruments, learning to play Piano will certainly help you understand the basics of music theory and further enhance your ability to recognize specific notes and chords.
Very fast and responsive Piano Keyboard
This is the FASTEST Piano app you would find on Android. The speed of this app comes from the low level touch events specifically designed for extremely high touch sensitivity apps.
Amazing Realistic Graphics
The app gives you the perfect feeling of a real piano. It has amazing graphics, real shadows of pressed and unpressed keys.
88 keys and 7 Octaves
Just like a Grand Piano, you can enjoy the full length of the Keyboard with 88 Keys from A0 to C8 which covers all 7 Octaves.
Dual Mode for Advanced Users
The Dual mode gives you a profession two keyboard view which you can easily set to different octaves. You wanna play a song with more octaves.. Well there you go
Twin Mode for Competition or Collaboration
Twin mode is for you and your partner. Just put the phone on the table and you both can play at the same time.
Finally a Metronome
And now you also have a in-app metronome which helps you to synchronize your beats with your fingers. Isn’t that amazing?
Piano with Original Sounds
With this app, you do not need to worry about the quality of sounds. This app provides the best sound quality which you can enjoy on your phone or connected to high quality speakers.